The Victorians

During the Autumn term, Year 6 explored the lives and work of the Victorians.

The class is readyVictorian StaffWe learned what life was like for Victorian children both at work and at school. We were fortunate enough to be able to experience first hand what school would have been like for these children during a typical day. Children and teachers dressed in Victorian style clothing and the rules and expectations of the period were enforced. Even though we knew it was pretend, some teachers played the part well and showed how strict Victorian teachers were!

Victorian Scripts

Girls learning to sewBoys technical drawingThroughout the day children took part in a range of activities beginning the day with ‘The three R’s’ – Reading, writing and arithmetic. In the afternoon, girls and boys were divided into two classes where the girls were taught sewing and the boys learned about technical drawing.

Everyone enjoyed the experience, but we all agreed that it would not be much fun to do every day.

Class 7 Victorian House

Class 9 Victorian House

As well as learning about the life of the Victorians, we explored the work of famous Victorian artists such as William Morris, whose designs and patterns are still used today to decorate many homes. It was fun to recreate some of the pieces produced by Morris and then develop our own ideas based in inspiration from our research. In art, we learned the technique of printing and were able to create a tile effect with the patterns we had designed. These looked great and have been displayed around the school.Class 8 house (Copy)
It was interesting to learn about Victorian homes and how families lived.
Part of this topic was to research Victorian houses and how they were furnished in order to reproduce our own. In groups children had to decide on a Victorian room to recreate. They each had to design individual pieces of furniture to suit the room based on the research. We were also able to introduce lighting as we learned that electricity was introduced into more wealthy homes during this period.