Learning Mentors promote British Values

What are the Learning Mentors doing to promote British Values in Southfield Primary School?


  • democracy (Copy)We have a school council that is voted in using a democratic election process.
  • The school council visit Luton Borough Council where they meet the Mayor of Luton to learn more about their local constituency.
  •  The school council also visits the Houses of Parliament in London and meets with their local MP.
  • Previous school councilors hold an assembly to inform pupils of upcoming elections.
  • Southfield Primary School has hosted a Takeover day where children applied for and were interviewed by the school council for various jobs around the school. For one day, the school was ‘taken over’ by the pupils.
  • The school council hopes to visit another local school to learn how their school council is run.

Mutual Respect

We carry out small group work that encourages and develop respect between students, including:

  • Social skills groupsmutual respect 2 (Copy)
  • Self-esteem groups
  • Friendship groups
  • All About Me groups
  • Managing Emotions and Feelings groups
  • Reading Buddies
  • Playground Leaders
  • Transition Buddies

We also run various lunch time and afterschool clubs:

  • Teambuilding clubs
  • Playground Games clubs
  • Healthy Lifestyles clubsmutual respect (Copy)
  • Nature clubs
  • Ceramic Painting clubs
  • Textiles clubs
  • Arts and Crafts clubs
  • Cooking clubs
  • Messy Play clubs
  • Lego Club
  • Learning Log club
  • Lunchtime Behaviour Reward clubs

We have organised and facilitated Anti-Bullying assemblies and workshops.

We are developing an Anti-Bullying Alliance run by children for the children.

Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

  • faiths and belief (Copy)We support classes to visit places of worship and learn more about different religions.
  • We promote diversity through celebrations of different faiths and cultures.
  • We hold lunch time Awareness sessions for children to learn more about different cultures and experience new things. We are also planning a new Cultural Arts and Crafts club.
  • We hope to visit a local faith school to learn more about their beliefs.

Individual Libertyindividual liberty (Copy)

  • Children at Southfield Primary School have the freedom of choice to join various extra-curricular clubs, activities and competitions. During our clubs and groups, input and suggestions from the children are welcomed and implemented where possible.
  • The children have the choice to not only run for the school council but for their vote to be counted in the election process.
  •  individual liberty 2 (Copy)The School Council raises money for various charities and causes throughout the year. How we raise the money and who we raise it for is often lead by the decisions of the children.
  •  We are looking to start a Debate Club giving children another platform in which to have their say and be heard. We also hope to start a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ scheme to recognise the children’s choices to be kind to each other.

Rule of Law

  • rule of law (Copy)All of our clubs and groups have ground rules set by the children before activities start.
  • We have links with the local Police Community Support Officers, Youth Offending Team and Prevention Team.
  • We organise and facilitate assemblies and workshops on personal safety and how to access help and support.
  • We have a Healthy Lifestyles club where children learn more about how to stay safe, who helps to keep us safe and how to help others.
  • We hope to hold an assembly and workshops to address e-safety, helping children to stay safe online.