School Mission and Aims

Our mission is to provide the highest possible standards in all aspects of school life for our children within a caring, happy and safe environment.

We instil the values for continual learning, tolerance and respect for self and others, through our Values Programme and a caring ‘family’ approach.

We aim to:

  • Strive to create a happy, safe and welcoming educational environment which promotes and stimulates children’s learning and which provides equal opportunity for all children to reach their potential
  • Acknowledge and foster each child’s worth and individual talents, in an inclusive environment which promotes equal opportunities throughout the curriculum and other aspects of school life
  • Create an atmosphere in which quality of learning can be achieved through the provision of experiences which stimulate imagination, develop creative awareness, a keenness for exploration and a quest for understanding
  • Foster a sense of community, emphasising both the rights and responsibilities of all members and uphold those rules and values which are necessary to prepare children for life in a changing environment within the wider community
  • To provide children with the values to have a positive awareness of what it means to be a good citizen
  • Provide each individual with a strong sense of wellbeing and belonging
  • Generate respect and caring for others through helping, sharing and encouraging respect for property and the environment
  • Create a partnership with teachers, children, parents and governors working together in harmony.