School Lunch

We promote healthy eating in our school meals and in packed lunches brought from home.

Southfield Primary school LutonSchool Dinners

If your child is having a school meal, you may be entitled to have these free. Please ask at the school office for details. If you need to pay for meals we now use a cashless system called  “Tucasi”. Please Click here for details about how you can pay.

Meals are charged at the current rate set by the Local Authority which is £2 per day from April 2017. Click here to see the Local Authority’s policy regarding payment for school dinners.

Each week, the menu is included on the reverse of the newsletter. We ask that parents discuss the choices for each day so that children can let their class teacher know at the start of each school day.

Packed Lunch

If you choose for your child to have packed lunches, please ensure you encourage healthy eating, perhaps by using wholemeal bread, providing fruit and avoiding cakes and biscuits. Children are not allowed fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate bars in their lunches. Lunchboxes must be named.

Home Dinners

Parents need to write to school stating that they wish their child to go home for dinners and to confirm how they will go home and return to school. Children’s safety is paramount; we have to be satisfied suitable arrangements are in place for the safety of the child.

Supervision / Lunchtime Activities

We have midday supervisors for each class who look after pupils at lunchtime. Playground equipment is available for the children to use and midday supervisors have training in playground games. The learning mentors and behaviour support staff run drop in sessions and lunch time activities for the children. When children are ‘under pressure’ they are given an opportunity to stay in with an adult and a friend or group of friends to play games in a warm and safe space. Some extra curricular clubs run during the lunch period.