School Council

The School Council is an opportunity for all pupils in our school to have a voice.

The School Council share ideas and think of ways to improve school life for all pupils at Southfield Primary.

A ballot is held annually to select one child from each class, from Year 2 up to Year 6 to be a School Council representative. Children who wish to stand for election complete an application form and stand in front of their class to state why they should be elected.

The pupils from each class choose their School Council representative fairly and honestly by filling in a confidential ballot paper and putting it in a ballot box. The elected children take great pride in their role and understand the importance of being reliable, confident and a good role model.


The School Council meet regularly to discuss suggestions made in class and when possible these initiatives are put into practise. In addition to this they help with a variety of events and activities throughout the school year.

In the past, the school council have:

  • Helped to organise the Year 6 prom and the Christmas disco
  • Hosted Southfield’s Got Talent.
  • Raised money for Children in Need
  • Raised money for a friendship bench in school by making and selling lemonade.

Southfield Primary school LutonThe School Council have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be real local Councillors with a trip to Luton Borough Council. They find out how the council is run and what changes are taking place in their community. The School Council also have the chance to find out more about our Government with a trip to the Houses of Parliament in London.

School Council members help others and try to better the school. Not only have they helped their school, they develop their own self-confidence, broaden their experiences and enjoy themselves.