How to become a Governor

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The Governing body is made up of people who have volunteered their services to the School. There are strict rules on how many Governors make up the Governing Body. There are staff Governors, Parent Governors and other Governors drawn from the community who have no other direct links with the school. Governors come from all walks of life and it is important that the Governing Body is made up of a varied mix of people – each bringing their own area of expertise to the table. Governors attend two or three meetings each term but, sometimes, there may be a need for an additional meeting.

Meetings are usually held just after the school day has ended and last for up to two hours. Governors have a very responsible role to play in the school. Being a Governor is an unpaid job but there is some training available.

How to become a Governor

From time to time a Parent Governor vacancy arises on the Governing Body. When this happens the School will communicate with all parents and ask for volunteers. We may have a need for a Governor with financial expertise for example and, if that is the case, we will ask for parents with financial expertise to volunteer.

Should more than one parent volunteer for a single vacancy we will ask each candidate to write a short piece about themselves and there will then be an election where only parents of children at the school are allowed to vote.

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