Year 3

longterm-year3Year 3 Summer Term 2 2017

Year Group Staff List:

Miss Ward              (Peacock Class )
Ms Furminger 
  (Parakeet Class)

Teaching asistants

Mrs Gilligan, Miss Rogers, Mrs Hartup, Mrs Braniff.

 A note from the team:

Our topic for this term is “Explorers and Pirates” and we will be looking in particular at people who explored the seas and discovered different countries, as well as looking at all things pirate related.

Each Friday the children will receive numeracy homework, which has to be completed by the following Thursday. This will be set online via active learn one week and will be a worksheet on alternate weeks.

The children will have spellings to learn each week. These are given out on a Friday and the children will be tested the following Thursday. Please ensure that they complete and return the associated re-enforcement work for this each week and discuss the meanings of the words with the children.

The children are also expected to read every day and to learn their times tables.

We hope this curriculum information is beneficial to you. We value working with parents to support your child, and welcome any help you can provide. If you can assist us in any way, your help would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the office to make an appointment to speak to your child’s class teacher



  • HousePlease ensure that your child wears the correct school uniform each day and that all clothes and belongings are clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • Please sign your child’s reading record each time you read with them at home.
  • Ensure your child has a P.E. kit in school all week, containing; t-shirt, black tracksuit bottoms and trainers/plimsolls. All jewellery has to be removed for P.E.


The value for this month is ‘Fairness’ and the value for July is ‘Tolerance.’ Please talk about these values with your child at home and discuss what they mean and how they can demonstrate the values at home and at school.


Education BoyNumeracy
We are following the Abacus scheme of work for Numeracy. This half term, the focus will be on written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They will also look at perimeter, angles and symmetry in relation to 2d shapes and consolidate their knowledge of time. The children will have weekly Maths homework, which will be given on a Friday and is due the following Thursday.

This half term we will be continuing to develop our Talk for Writing with a rescue story, ‘Kassim and the Greedy Pirate’ which is linked to our topic. We will then go on to look at instructional texts. The children will learn the structure and language features of the different text types before applying this to their own writing both in English and across the curriculum.

Our topic for this half term is “We are Presenters.” The children will gain skills in shooting live video, such as framing shots, holding the camera steady, and reviewing. They will learn how to edit clips and add narration. This will culminate in them producing their own short videos.

Our topic for this half term is humans and other animals. The children will learn about bones and muscles and how they work and about the importance of diet, nutrition and exercise. They will also study life cycles of humans and other animals.

This term our topic is “Explorers and Pirates.” This half term we will be learning about famous pirates and learn about the pirate way of life. We will also continue to look at life in the sea.

Art and Design
Our focus for this half term will be collage. The children will be looking at the work of a famous artist, before practising and replicating the techniques using a range of different materials. They will be making their own pirate seascapes in small groups, which will be put together to make a class seascape.

Our topic for this half term is Changes. The children will reflect on changes that have already occurred or may occur in their lives. The children will also be identifying that change can be positive and beneficial. The children will also be reflecting about what we can do as individuals to prepare ourselves for necessary changes.

The children will continue to receive weekly recorder lessons from the Luton Music Service. They will have the opportunity to perform in a concert towards the end of the term. Letters will be going out shortly for this.

In our R.E. lessons we will continue to look at what it means to be a Sikh. The children will learn about their beliefs, key events and key people in the religion, as well as studying their place of worship.

The children will continue to develop their French vocabulary. We will be looking at food and drink, days of the week and months of the year. We will also be recapping and recalling a range of vocabulary and allowing them to practice their conversational French.

We will be looking at how to use grid references on maps to locate places and also producing our own pirate treasure maps. We will also continue to look at the different seas and oceans and the animals that inhabit these.

Peacock class will be attending swimming lessons on Friday afternoons. The children in both classes will also be practicing different athletic events, both track and field, in the run up to both our sports day and the zone sports.

In Games, our focus for this half term will be striking and fielding. Children will be developing their skills in this area, learning how to hold a rounders bat and cricket bat appropriately, fielding techniques and working as part of a team. They will then have the opportunity to use these skills in mini games before going on to play full games of rounders and cricket.