Year 2

longterm-year2Year 2 Summer Term 2 2017

Year Group Staff List:

Mr K Kelly                                            – Starling Class Teacher
Miss N. Suleman / Mrs S Parkar     – Robin Class Teachers
Mrs L Webb                                         – HLTA
Mrs K Clark, Miss Loney                   – TA

A note from the team:

We are all very excited about our new topic… Superheroes! Super strength, super vision, super speed or super hearing – so many super powers to choose from. If you could have one super power what would you choose? What would your superhero name be? What would you wear?

We are saddened by recent events in Manchester and London. It is important to note that many of the children are coming into school discussing what they have heard or seen on the news. We will be taking time to discuss these events and the effect they have on us as a nation. We intend to focus on the good that people are doing in helping to support those affected and how the nation can pull together to demonstrate the British Values and remain united.

We are always grateful for all your help and support. We ask once again that you encourage your child to be punctual and organised for lessons, by having reading books, and their P.E. kit in school on the appropriate days. Remember that it is never too late to earn those RED awards by reading 5 times in a week.

Maths homework and spellings will continue to be given out on Fridays and collected for marking on Wednesdays. As well as this, children are encouraged to read on a daily basis. Please continue to sign the reading record when you have read with your child at home.

How you can help:

  • HouseShare books with your child as often as possible. Encourage them to talk about the book including; what it is about, the characters and pictures.
  • Read the home reading book or practise the ‘Tricky Words’ as often as possible.
  • Help your child to work on the writing targets they were given during parents evening.
  • Count in 2s, 5s and 10s from any number on a 100 square with your child. Link this with learning times tables.
  • Practise counting and recognising numbers over 100.
  • When walking/driving around the community, talk to your child about local landmarks, e.g. the park, swimming pool, etc.
  • Help your child to learn to become independent and take responsibility for their own belongings.


  • Please make sure that all clothes and belongings are clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • Make a comment in your child’s reading record when you read with them at home.
  • Ensure your child has a P.E. kit in school all week containing; house coloured polo shirt, black shorts.
  • Stud earrings only should be worn at school for health and safety reasons.


We focus on a particular value for each month. We encourage the children to think about what each value means and how we show it.
June: Fairness
July: Tolerance

Subject:  Superheroes

Education BoyEnglish
We will be focusing on the text ‘The Gingerbread Man’ this term. For the first half of this half term we will be focusing on developing characterisation through our writing and later in the half term we will be moving on to writing instructions for recipes.

We will be working on division as sharing and grouping and linking this to multiplication. We will also revisit place value, partitioning and ordering numbers on a number line. Children will practice adding and subtracting numbers before moving on to recognising coins and adding totals of coins. We will also work out change on a number line. Later on in the half term we will be revisiting fractions of a shape and number and telling the time. Finally we will be exploring shapes with right angles.

Children will explore different types of food before sorting foods into the five different food groups. We will discuss the content of different foods and how to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Children will also learn the importance of staying active and explore what happens to the body during exercise.

Children will explore the lives of significant people in history. We will explore the lives of Florence Nightingale and Rosa Parks and compare life in the past to the present day. The fire service will be in to talk about fire safety.

Children will develop their bat and ball skills and explore how to play simple games. They will also develop an understanding of simple tactics. Children will practice running, jumping and throwing skills prior to Sports Day.

Children will explore the topic ‘Inspirational People’ such as; police, fireman and doctors. They will link this to inspirational people within different faiths.

Our theme is Changes. We will be looking at how we change and grow whilst encouraging children to reflect on what they have achieved over the course of Year 2. We will be spending a lot of time exploring the British Values and their influence on society.