reception-plan download buttonReception Summer Term 2 2017

Year Group Staff List:

Miss V. Lomax          – Penguin Class Teacher / Early Years Leader
Mrs R. Begum          – Puffin Class Teacher
Miss S. Morris           – Early Years Assistant
Mrs J. Morrison         – Early Years Assistant


A note from the team:

A warm welcome back to children and parents, hope you’ve all had a restful and enjoyable half term!

As the weather is still quite unpredictable, please continue to bring a coat/fleece to school everyday, as we access the outside play area throughout the day in (almost) all weathers. On very sunny says please make sure that your child brings in a sun hat/cap and is wearing sun cream.

Please ensure that all clothing is named as we seem to have lots of jumpers/cardigans left behind each day. We still have named items missing, so please check that all uniform at home belongs to your child.

It has been lovely to see children making progress with their reading and enjoying the books they read. Please continue to read with your child at home, ideally for ten minutes every day. Please date and sign the reading record every time you read, and feel free to write comments about how your child has read or to share their achievements.

This half term we have also planned our summer trip to Mead Open Farm. You will get more details and dates regarding this trip in an additional letter.

As always please feel free to approach us with any questions or thoughts.

Many Thanks


The Reception Team


How you can help:

  • HouseShare books with your child as often as possible. Encourage them to talk about the story and characters.
  • Read the home reading book and practise the ‘Tricky Words’ as often as possible.
  • Encourage your child to come into class by themselves to instill the confidence needed to prepare for Year 1.
  • Count to 20 and back again and start counting in 2s, 10s and 5s.
  • Practice putting numbers in order to 20 with your child (or beyond if they can manage it).
  • Talk about the names and features of 2D/3D shapes.
  • Encourage your child to write as much as they are able – their name, familiar words (e.g. mum, dad, cat, dog), simple sentences using a capital letter and full stop, writing cards, labels and lists.


  • Please make sure that all clothes and belongings are clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • Ensure your child has a P.E. kit in school all week, containing; house coloured t-shirt, black shorts and black plimsolls (plimsolls are used in good weather for outdoor games).
  • Share good news about your child on the ‘home observation’ cards


We focus on a particular value for each month. We encourage the children to think about what each value means and how we can show it.

June – Fairness
July – Tolerance


Education BoyPersonal, social and emotional development
The theme is ‘Relationships’. We will be learning about fairness, and how we can resolve issues to make things fair.

Communication and language
The children will engage in activities to make them effective listeners and confident speakers. They will role play the story of “Handa’s surprise” using story language and props.

Physical development
We will be focusing on Dance, where children will move to themed music. We will also look at healthy eating.

Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design
Our story this half term is “Handa’s surprise”. Children will be learning to retell the story and write it down in their own little book. The story itself is set in Kenya so we will be exploring this country this half term. We will be finding out about the weather, homes and food and comparing it to our own locality. We will be learning about the different animals in the story and making and decorating masks.

In Maths we will be adding and subtracting with a focus on recording. They will also be solving problems involving doubles and halves.