nursery-plan download buttonNursery Summer Term 2 2017

Year Group Staff List:
Miss E. Slade         – Cygnets and Swans Class Teacher
Mrs S. Shambi      – Early Years Assistant

A note from the team:

We have a very busy and exciting half term ahead of us with a trip to Woburn Safari park, a teddy bears picnic and sports day towards the end of the term.

In order to prepare the children for their transition to their new class in September, they have been spending some time in the Reception playground and are getting to know some of the adults that work in both Penguin and Puffin class. Please begin to prepare your child by talking to them about their new classrooms and how exciting it will be. Please share with us any worries your child may have or any difficulties you think your child may encounter with the transition as we will be able to work closely with you now to try and ensure a smooth transition for them.

Meanwhile we look forward to our last half term in Nursery!

Miss Slade and Mrs Shambi
The Nursery Team

How you can help:

  • House Make up stories with your child. Can they retell our current story?
  • Play Eye Spy using letter sounds (not letter names).
  • Help your child to write their name using correct letter formation and a capital letter for the first letter only.
  • Complete number puzzles, where your child has to match the number to a quantity.
  • Collect a letter formation sheet from the Nursery cloakroom and support your child in holding their pencil correctly to form the letters.
  • Read rhyming stories
  • Count backwards from ten and then twenty.
  • Look for numbers in the environment. Who can spot the most number ones or twos etc when out and about?


  • Please make sure that all clothes and belongings are clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • Ensure they always have appropriate outdoor clothing for the weather e.g. sunhat


The value for June is fairness and the value for July will be tolerance. Children are praised for showing our values in Nursery.



Education Boy

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Within circle time we will be looking at Changes. The older children will be looking at their new classrooms, meeting their new teachers & discussing concerns and things they are looking forward to next year.

Communication, language and literacy
Children are learning to complete rhyming strings, blend orally segmented words (e.g. c-a-t is cat), and to hear initial sounds in words. They will also be supported with early letter formation.

Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
Some children will be identifying and ordering numbers to 20 whilst matching number to quantity. Other children will focus on counting out up to 6 items from a larger group.

Understanding the World
It is the time of the year where we get to find lots of bugs in the outdoor area. We will look at different bugs, their habitats and what they eat. Children are eager for our sunflowers to flower so that we can watch the bees landing on them.

Physical development
We will continue to provide a range of materials to help children’s fine motor skills. Children will explore how to land safely and travel on simple equipment.

Creative development
Children have free access to a variety of resources to support them in meeting their own outcomes. We encourage the children to be independent in this area.