Extended Services Policy

Breakfast / After School Club Policy


  • To provide a welcoming, safe, secure environment for pupils before the beginning of and at the end of the school day;
  • To provide an affordable, early drop off and late pick up childcare facility for parents/carers;
  • To continue to build positive links/relationships with parents;
  • To provide children with a nutritious breakfast at the start of the day in a pleasant and relaxed environment;
  • To provide a calm play environment in which children can engage socially with children from other year groups, therefore strengthening relationships in the school community.



  • There will always be a minimum of two Breakfast / After School Club Supervisors at each session. Further to this, staffing will follow the ratio of 1:8.
  • Staff will be on site from 7:30am to set up ready to open at 7:45 am. In addition to Breakfast Club staff, the site agent will be on site from 7:00 am.

Contingency Arrangements for Staff Absences and Emergencies:

  • If a member of staff is absent, he/she must ring the Extended Services Leader who will arrange cover. Cover will be provided from a list of named volunteers.

Booking Arrangements:

  • Staffing levels may need to fluctuate to meet the staff/pupil ratio therefore bookings will need to be made in advance so that staffing levels can be planned and appropriate. Pattern of care must remain constant for the half term.
  • Booking forms will be available outside the school office (copy in Appendix 1) and must be returned with payment for the half term or the first week.

Use of Registers:

  • Children will be registered as they are admitted by the main door by one of the BC / ASC staff on duty. The register will be kept in the Extended Services Room.

Late Collection:

  • Parents will be charged a late fee of £10 per quarter of an hour to cover the cost of the staff that are legally required to stay.
  • After 6:00pm and an attempt to contact everyone on the emergency contact list, staff will contact Social Care.

Preparing and Serving Facilities:

  • The Extended Services Room will be used for preparation and serving food;
  • Breakfast / After School Club have their own bowls, plates and cutlery which they will wash after use;
  • One member of BC / ASC staff will be in charge of preparing and serving food and ensuring that facilities are left tidy.
  • All paid BC / ASC staff will have Food Hygiene Certification.


  • Menus of what is available during the week should be made available to parents and should address any possible allergies. Menus will be displayed on the school notice boards and on the school website www.southfield-primary.co.uk
  • Allergy information should be updated regularly and BC / ASC staff have access to this.


Breakfast club will be open to pupils from Nursery to Year 6 from 7:45 am – 8:45 am.

  • Children will be admitted and registered at the main entrance and then should hang up their coats.
  • Breakfast will be served as soon as the children arrive and will be brought to the table.
  • Children will need to help with tidying up equipment used at 8:40am then one of the supervisors will take them to their classrooms.

After School club will be open to pupils from Nursery to Year 6 from 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm.

  • Children will be brought to the club by their class teacher to be signed in.
  • A snack and drink will be provided at 3:45pm.


  • Children will only use the toilets situated in the Extended Services Room.
  • Each child’s details, medical conditions, parent contact details and additional emergency contact information are kept in the contacts file in the Extended Services Room.
  • Activities and resources are designed to suit/be adaptable for the full range of year groups.


  • Breakfast / After School Club resources are kept in the Extended Services Room. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested before use.
  • Resources must be cleared away as much as possible after use so that the room can be used by others in the school community during the school day.


  • Because the Breakfast / After School Club is run by the school, the existing School Behaviour Policy will be followed.

Communication with Parents:

  • Staff will have verbal communication with parents/carers bringing children which may involve passing messages to classroom teachers. A note of these messages should be recorded in a message pad, a copy of the message will be given to the child’s classroom teacher.
  • Written notes to parents from the Breakfast / After School Club Staff will be passed on via the child’s class teacher.
  • Parents may make appointments with the Extended Services Leader and Breakfast / After School Club Staff to discuss matters/issues pertaining to the Breakfast / After School Club.


  • In accordance with Safeguarding arrangements, all staff involved in the running of the Breakfast / After School Club, either in a paid or voluntary capacity will have current CRB / DBS clearance. These records are held in the school office.
  • Breakfast / After School Club staff will follow existing school policies and procedures for safeguarding and the code of conduct.

Fire Procedure:

  • In the event of a fire, children and staff will follow the normal school procedures, leaving the building in a calm orderly fashion via the closest exit.
  • They will congregate at the agreed muster point.
  • The club register should be taken outside and all names checked.
  • There will be a fire practice once per term.


  • Inhalers are kept in the School Office. If a child needs an inhaler, the named first aider will administer the medication.
  • All other medication administered will follow the existing school policy.

Risk Assessment:

  • A separate risk assessment has been completed for Breakfast Club sessions and activities. Please see attached sheet.

Confidentiality of Documents:

  • Confidential documents are kept in the School Office.


  • The only possible cause for cancellation would be school closure due to adverse weather conditions or problems with the building, e.g. no heating or water supplies.
  • In the event of closure:
  • A member of school staff will endeavour to contact individuals by telephone before 7:45 am.
  • During Adverse weather conditions school closure will be reported on the HEART Fm website.



  • Due to the need to pay and book places in advance so that levels of staffing can be organised and food purchased, we will be unable to offer a refund if a child does not attend. However, if the school cancels the club, a refund will be offered or the chance to carry payment forward into the next week.


  • All complaints notified in writing by a parent regarding the Breakfast / After School Club will be investigated by the Extended Services Co-ordinator and a record kept of the outcomes.

Breakfast / After School Club Team

Care Club Co-ordinator – Miss Sarah Large

Care Club Leader – Miss Sarah Morris

Care Club Assistant – Miss Rajni Islam, Mrs Tracey Creasey, Mrs Sharon Shambi

Completed by: Miss Sarah Large

January 2013

Reviewed and amended September 2014